Doesn't Helen just love snuggling up to "W"

This picture says it all really. Helen wants to be in the room with Geroge W Bush like she wants bowel cancer. No it isn’t photo-shopped, that is her real and frightening face. Oh, yeah that is one hell of a death stare, even my Mother-in-law doesn’t have a death stare that vicious.
I fail to see the reason for her trotting off over there, I mean what did she achieve other than to say she is happy we are non-allies. WTF does that mean that’s like saying I am happy I have colon cancer when i could have got bone cancer.

Bush was clearly being polite and he may even have been a litle drunk when he described the Killer Queen as "a straightforward, honest woman". Shit that comment would have been met with snorts of derision if uttered in New Zealand.

One last point to ponder, I wonder if Peter managed to get a visa or not?, haven’t seen any pictures of him over there.