Estonia completes online election

Estonia has just completed the worlds first online enabled election. About 61 percent of the 895,000 registered voters participated in the election, including 30,000 who cast their votes over the Internet in a landmark online ballot.

There should be a new centre-right government in Estonia, after Prime Minister Andrus Ansip’s Reform Party narrowly won national elections with pledges to cut the country’s flat tax.

There is a good article also about the technology used and how verification was sorted. To vote via the internet, voter needed an Estonian ID card with valid certificates and PIN-codes (bottom left) and access to a computer with a smart card reader (bottom right), a driver for the ID card and a Windows or Linux operating system. A powerpoint presentation is online at the Estonian Government Website.

Great to see they made sure Linux was an option.

This is something that should be seriously looked at here, and trialled at Local Body elections, before rolling out to National Elections.