Garth George on Inept Social Engineering

Garth George once again echoes the thinking of middle New Zealand now that we are discovering the magnitude of Labour’s mad social experimentation.
[quote]Policy analyst Phil Rennie’s scathing paper New Zealand’s Spending Binge, which received but cursory coverage on this page on Tuesday, proves once again the veracity of two fundamental principles of government.

1. The higher the tax take and the bigger the bureaucracy, the more wasteful and inefficient government becomes.

2. The social problems which consume so much government spending are incapable of solution simply by throwing money at them.[/quote]

His final paragraph needs to be shouted long and hard, fact it is so good it should be on a billboard.
[quote]To put it in a nutshell: social engineering has never worked, doesn’t work now and never will work, and it’s time the inept social engineers who have played with us for far too long were relegated to the (opposition) bench.[/quote]