Gauntlet thrown down, gauntlet picked up

Murray has declared war, he reckons his groupie is better than mine but not surprisingly has no photographic evidence to back this up.

Sounds like he thinks a photo of his cat counts as a pussy shot.

Well I’ll take up challenge, photos of anyone in Whaleoil paraphernalia will be accepted. I’ll take bloke shots as well seeing (unlike Murray, I am happy and unchallenged in my sexuality to view half naked male torsos)  as I am from Metro-sexual Auckland. I may have to get a second judge for the blokes though (Tony or Jordan may want to volunteer)

Categories will be;

Best Breasts
Best Butt in a thong
Best Combination outfit

Naked breasts are acceptable only if thong in shot with logo, no photo-shopping is acceptable. Site logo must clearly visible, even if damp, in fact the wetter the better.

Entries to whaleoilbeefhooked at gmail dot com.