Google Calandar now with TXT reminders

Google Calendar now has TXT reminders available in New Zealand but only to people with Vodafone cellphones.

There is also now a handy mini-calendar gadget for Google Desktop lets you view your agenda without even opening your browser. You can place the Google Calendar gadget right on your desktop or leave it docked in the Desktop Sidebar.

I now use Google for almost everything, Word-processing, Spreadsheets, Email, Calendar….literally all the things I used to use Microsoft for I no longer do. In fact the only thing Microsoft about my desktop is the WinXP operating system and I don’t think I will be going to Vista after trialling it, man what a suckful experience that was.

My next PC will certainly with out any shadow of a doubt be a Mac. My browser of choice is Firefox and almost everything else is either Apple, Google or Open source. I can’t wait for the day I finally turn off this PC.