Government trying to ram through s59 repeal under urgency

The Government is now going to try to ram through the repeal of s59 under urgency, despite mounting and vociferous opposition to this ridiculaous law change.

The fact that they continue to ignore? a massive number of kiwis opposed to the law and the fact that like their passing of retrospective legislation to make their theft legal shows their complete contemptfor the electorate.[quote]Helen Clark knows very well that the smacking ban is unpopular with the majority of New Zealanders, and that the public are frustrated that she has not allowed her MPs the opportunity to vote with their consciences, To limit the damage it is clear that Labour wants to steamroll this legislation through the House as quickly as possible. Using urgency would be an abuse of the process, Mr Brownlee said.[/quote]

This government knows no limits to its electoralt dishonesty.?