Has Pete Hodgson misled Parliament?

I ask the question in all seriousness because yesterday in Parliament Pete Hodgson said not once but twice that Dr Tony Bierre was a National Party candidate at the local body elections for the Auckland District Health Board.

[quote]Hon PETE HODGSON: In law, the answer is that it is the responsibility of the boards and the membership comprising the boards. The new National Party members on the Auckland District Health Board in December 2004 were given a presentation on conflicts of interest soon after the election, along with other board members. The presentation was prepared by Richard Westlake, a very experienced member of many boards. Dr Bierre and Jackie Blue could not have been in any doubt of their obligations.

and this;

Hon PETE HODGSON: Dr Bierre is a National Party member on the National Party ticket for the Auckland District Health Board. I find it interesting that in the space of 18 months?[/quote]

As you can see from Dr Tony Bierre's profile for his election to the Auckland DHB he is clearly identified as a Citizens & Ratepayers NOW candidate. It is also a matter of public record that the National Party does not stand candidates in ANY local body elections ANYWHERE.

Pete Hodgson as the Labour Party strategist must know those points. He must therefore have intentionally lied to parliament to attempt to score a political point in trying save his government from the embarrasment of despite knowing that Tony Bierre had a conflict of interest they did nothing.

Still lying to parliament is nothing new for this bunch of genetic liars.