Helen back, straight into trouble

Helen Clark is back from her futile trip to the US and she wades straight into trouble.

First up she has questioned aloud whether Dr Tony Bierre has broken the law in the Laboratory Contract scandal. The scandal that is threatening to take out her chosen, nay, handpicked board members and possibly the Health Minister. This surely can only be a distraction from the pressing issues of poor handling of the decision by the three District Health Boards.

Secondly she wades into the police morals campaign, with fresh evidence of the moral turpitude that our police force has fallen to arising over the weekend. this again has all the hall marks of Prime ministerial meddling in a portfolio that she has previously taken a very close interest in.

Helen Clark and her Ministers have clearly lost control of several areas of important state business and now they are flailing around trying to gain some, any sort of initiative on anything.