Hubbard continues his own crucifixion

Mayor DICK Hubbard continues to crucify himself and boy isn’t he "cross".

After reading his letter to the Herald yesterday, I’d be very surprised if he isn’t on the phone trying to bully anyone and everyone over his latest debacle.

And boy doesn’t the scandal just get worse especially when you admit that you had a vibe about the potential benefit and now it is revealed that you fibbed about the cost.

Thats right, despite Hubbard’s little epistle to the Herald justifying the paltry cost it seems that the real costs of the sister-city programme was about $270,000, rather than the $120,000 quoted meaning the profligacy of this council continues unabated.

Meanwhile in other travel related news Deputy Mayor Bruce Hucker has canceled his China trip….hmmm, sniffing the winds of change huh Bruce?