Hustle for Russell

I’m up for a bit of "Tory Charity". I have been known to have battles with Russell from time to time, but hey a familiy in need is a family in need, so I will do my little bit of "Tory Charity" to assist.

You will note that Russell Brown’s son needs to be home schooled due to his Asperger’s Syndrome. This is a hugely expensive cost for Russell and his family, and so a whip around is being organised to assist (the Hustle For Russell)

It isn’t my bag really, and I am definately not a good prospect for participating in an auction for a morning tea with Helen Clark (although I can imagine Sonic and DiM just way outbidding each other for that auction),  but I am going to send a donation across to Russell to assist with the cause.

I hope all of you will give some consideration to this – I know that all of us have done combat with Russell via our blogging in the past (given as good as we’ve gotten), but maybe because of or despite that, we might feel this a good cause that we can support young Leo Brown with.

Russell’s bank account is:
03 0255 0152081 96 (westpac ponsonby)

or post a cheque to:
Pead PR
(cheque made out to R S Brown & FL Rae)
Private Bag 99911, Newmarket, Auckland.

PS – if you are not of a mind to donate, that’s fine with me, I completely understand. But no tirades back at me please, or I will get really very nasty.
PPS – I am prepared to get my Charity Boxing Match off the ground with proceeds to go to this cause.