I got to get me some research grants

Check this out for complete and utter waste.

[quote]National has questioned how a student scooped $96,000 in research funding to study the everyday lives of bogans including their practices of "moshing" and "headbanging".

Tertiary Education Minister Michael Cullen says this type of research is a "great investment" which is "underpinning our transformation into a knowledge economy."

National MP Paul Hutchison pointed out that money for the study was made while government funding for agricultural science had dropped from $63 million in 2004 to $50m in 2005/06.

Dr Hutchison questioned whether the study was the best use of scarce research resources.

"It's not credible that this type of research will improve our economy," he said.

"Our research dollars are already stretched."[/quote]

FFS sake…. "A great investment underpinning our transformation into a knowledge economy"!!!!!!

Cullen has gone mad.