John Armstrong sticks it to Labour

John Armstrong, usually a socialist lickspittle, has this morning lambasted Labour over several issues.

Of course he couldn't waste the column without first having a dig a George W Bush, but that was really by-the-by.

[quote]Yet, the Government is becoming increasingly besieged across major policy fronts, notably law and order, education and health with the turmoil in the Corrections Department, renewed criticism of the NCEA and now the debacle over the contract for laboratory testing in Auckland.

With Corrections going off the boil, if only temporarily, the damning High Court ruling invalidating the $560 million laboratory testing contract could not have been timed better for National to sustain its strategy of painting Labour as a Government where accountability is absent, standards are lax and mismanagement is endemic.[/quote]

He also covers the increasing restlessness of the poodle parties and how they are wagging the dog an awful lot more than usual.