Lab Test Scandal

There is much frothing and spitting about the current Auckland Lab Tests scandal. Frothing and spitting from both sides of the debate, but in the last couple of days some clear obfusscation on behalf of the left.

Russell Brown in his posting on March 22 did a "pot, kettle,black" piece about C&R Now? and conflict of interest and linked Dr Tony Bierre? through his profile he submitted for the ADHB board elections.

Similarly Helen Clark, Annette King and Wayne Brown have sought to malign Dr Tony Bierre in the press, essentially calling him a liar.

Now, I hold no opinion that is good about Dr Tony Bierre, but a quick look at the evidence kindly linked for us by Russell Brown would suggest that the Board Chair at the very least knew of a potential conflict of interest from even before the onset of negotiations. Why?

Well look at the last paragraph of Dr Tony Bierre's profile submitted BEFORE the election of him to the board.

[quote]Conflict of Interest Statement
I hereby disclose the following conflict of interest with the Auckland District Health Board that may arise in the future: I am currently employed as a part-time Senior
Lecturer at the University of Auckland School of Medicine. The Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) is the major funder of pathology services in the Auckland region. All pathologists working in the region served by the ADHB are either employed by the ADHB or have a contractual relationship with the ADHB. At present I am not employed by ADHB nor have a contractual relationship with the ADHB.
However there is a possibility that this may change in the future and may represent a conflict of interest.[/quote]

It is there in black and white, issued before his election to the board. The issue always was and remains an issue of poor governance and contracts management on behalf the three Auckland District Health Boards. More importantly it shows that Wayne Brown and Ross Keenan in particular, being the handpicked servants of the government are the one most accountable.

It is telling when neither the Minister nor the Prime Minister refuse to express confidence in the board even when they are running around obfuscating at the same time. it is a clear double strategy in place….step one hurl dirt and innuendo, if they don't buy that step two sack the board…the only problem is they haven't seen through to step three, the public don't buy that either and toss out the government.