Maurice gets angry and Field issues 5o amendments

Maurice Williamson is one of Parliaments better debaters and when he sets his sights on you it is a better than even chance that you are going to look like a dickhead after he is finished.

Last night witnessed the debate on Bradfords silly s59 amendment and Maurice got to have a crack at a wide range of MP’s not the least our barren wench of a Prime Minister. Here are some of his quote;
[quote]"I brought up three kids … and I’m happy to say those three kids had to learn some boundaries. And they tried me, and I’m happy to say they got a smack. It wasn’t a hard smack, it didn’t make any marks, it didn’t draw any blood, but it started to put a boundary in place."

"They (childless promotors of the bill) should really actually have three of them dropped off at their house for a week, where the little monsters can really show you how good they are at trying you."

The title of the bill, he concluded, should be the "MPs (some who had never had kids) know better than good parents how to care for those children" bill.

"I’ll be the first to go with police to arrest someone who uses a whip, but I’ll be the first to defend the right of good parents to be able to teach some little monsters what is right and what is wrong."[/quote]

Now I know Maurice and Raewyn’s kids and they are the very nice behaved and mostly well-manners kids, so clearly a little smack now and then hasn’t harmed them.

Phillip Field proposed 50 amendments in his attempt to slow the progress of the bill, believed most people knew what the issue was.

"We know there is a strong 80 per cent, perhaps more, parents who oppose this bill, because it is a question of making good parents face possible criminal charges."

Jill Pettis who must be one of the stupidest MP’s on the planet made the following inane statement, saying the bill could be named the "reduction in domestic violence in New Zealand bill".

Uhmmm Jill actually the bill will make Domestic Violence in New Zealand appear WORSE, as those parents who are arrested and charged under the new law will be ADDED to the Domestic Violence statistics and INCREASE them. Feckin’ stupid bint.

Labour and the Greens will reap the whirlwind of opposition to this bill, they have yet to discover that people whilst they will take a hand out in the form of money do not like being told what to do in the privacy of their own homes.