Michael Cullen caught lying to the House

Michael cullen is normally more quick witted than this, but today he got well and truly caught lying to the house and all while he was trying to make smart remarks about John key and his international business experience.
[quote]John Key: If the Prime Minister has so much confidence in Damien O’Connor and the Department of Corrections, why has she announced a review of the department “because she is concerned about the overall operation of the system”—what are her reasons?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: One of those issues is clear. In 1995 the then National Government split the Department of Corrections and the Department for Courts from the Ministry of Justice. The member, of course, was overseas at the time, and was therefore unaware of that.

John Key: Could the Prime Minister explain what the difference is between a structural review and a back-down and a U-turn, because on this side of the House this looks exactly like a back-down and a U-turn?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: For a man who has adopted flip-flops as his symbol, that is an extraordinary question to put in this House. The member, of course, is part of a party that separated the Department of Corrections out from the Ministry of Justice when it was in Government. The National Party is the party that has flip-flopped; Labour never supported that separation in the first place.

Then later just before Question 6 the bombshell.

SIMON POWER (National—Rangitikei): I seek leave to table—[Interruption]

Madam SPEAKER: Do members want to remain in this House or not? They know that when a member is seeking leave there should be no interruptions.

SIMON POWER: I seek leave to table the Hansard from 15 June 1995, when Paul Swain indicated to the House that the Labour Opposition would be supporting the Department of Justice (Restructuring) Bill—contrary to what Dr Cullen said earlier today.

Madam SPEAKER: Leave is sought to table that document. Is there any objection? There is objection.

SIMON POWER: I seek leave to table the Hansard from 28 June 1995 on the third reading of the same bill, where the Hon Trevor Mallard said:“We took the advice of our justice spokesperson who was supportive of the Bill. On that basis the Opposition caucus is supporting the legislation.”

Leave granted.[/quote]

Caught red handed, Cullen is now a proven liar, step up and join the Prime Minister on the liars platform.