More liar, liar moments

The government ordered spin on Health is becoming  un-spun so to speak.

No longer will the sheeple patiently sit by while those in charge lie and obfuscate to cover up the fact that despite billions of extra spending we are no better off.

A case in point is the Health sector where a we here from the Commissars that it is all tickety boo with radiation therapy, yet one of the sheeple proves otherwise.

[quote]Priority C patients like her should wait no longer than four weeks after the decision is made to use radiation, Health Ministry guidelines state.

The letter Susan received this week says: "At the moment the average waiting time is approximately 14-16 weeks. Your actual wait may differ from our estimates by a few weeks but we are monitoring this closely and will start your treatment as soon as we are able."

Board management said the waiting period stated in the letter was incorrect and Susan would probably wait for 12 weeks.

On Wednesday, board chairman Wayne Brown told Parliament’s health committee that waiting times for priority C patients were around 12 weeks. On Tuesday, the board’s oncology manager, Joanna Easingwood, told the Herald the current wait was eight to 12 weeks, with an average of just under 10.[/quote]

They can’t even lie in unison. The boss says 12 weeks the workers say 8-12 but likely 10 and they are all woefully over the 4 weeks stipulated by Health Ministry guidelines.

Now…how do you spell crisis.