Oh shit I hope this isn't catching

Can you believe this shit.?

A man who smashed his way into a suburban Linwood house after threatening a woman occupant was suffering from "Maori sickness" at the time, a minister told Christchurch District Court today.

WTF!!!!!! "Maori Sickness" is that the new definition for drunk and violent?

Oh, he was ill because he carried a taiaha and a walking stick.
[quote]"It is only elders who carry these things around. The Maori sickness was upon him. That is the sacredness of carrying these things. It was like a curse had been laid upon him."[/quote]
At that point the judge should have told this old fool to FRO out of his court and stop speaking such mumbo-jumbo.
[quote]"Maori sickness was pretty strong in the time of our fathers and grandfathers. It is still happening if things are not done in the right manner."[/quote]
The ridiculous thing about this case is the judge went lenient on him…..was it because of his "Maori Sickness".

I can just imagine it now….people will be able to use the "Maori Sickness" defence and if that fails there is the good old "I’m a Labour Party Member" defence.