Or What?

The busybody Pacific Forum has told Fiji they must hold elections by next year in August.

or What?

Well nothing….Check out this for diplomatic mumbo-jumbo nothingness.
[quote]Foreign Minister Winston Peters said after a meeting of South Pacific Forum representatives in Vanuatu today there was no tolerance of the coup last December that ousted Fiji’s civilian government.

"I think the Fijian interim government knows that the international community means business, and so does the forum," he told NZPA.

"The decision taken today means, in effect, that they will be requested to have elections by August 2008."[/quote]

Or What? Minister? or What? Nothin’ you’ve got nothin’ Fuck off

And that is what Frank will say, "Fuck off and mind your own business."

Now where is the Pacific Forums call for elections in Pakistan and Thailand by a certain date…nowhere is where it is. The hypocrisy over Fiji astounds me.