Police might exercise discretion but CYFS won't

The lies of Duplicitous Duo, Sue Bradford and Helen Clark, continue to be exposed.

There may lie and the one being trumpeted loudly by the lickspittles is that the law doesn't ban smacking when it demonstrably does, the second main lie is that the police will exercise discretion, of course the second lie is much more insidious because what would happen if the Police were informed of an incident.

Well we can wonder no more because a mother in Fielding bothered to actually ask what no MSM so-called journalist hasn't, "If I lightly smacked my three-year-old for correction and my neighbour saw it and called police – would you have to come out and investigate?"

Her answer from Fielding Police, was YES. So what!, you say. Well Mrs Elliot, clearly more diligent that any news reporter asked some further questions.

[quote]Police national headquarters confirmed this for the Manawatu Standard, but added the call would be prioritised, as all police calls are. It would come under the category of domestic violence.

Mrs Elliott then asked if police would pass on the information to CYFS. The answer again was yes.

She was told that if police believed the child was in no immediate danger they would not notify CYFS within 24 hours, but they meet fortnightly about family violence and that's when information would be passed on, Mrs Elliott said.

"That's the bit that scared me – having CYFS on your doorstep," Mrs Elliott said.

"I've got nice neighbours, but not everyone does.

"A light smack for correction is not abuse," she added.[/quote]

So, then, who is afraid now….a sea of hands…..So there you have it, the lie that Police would do nothing is proven by asking, who else, the Police, confirmed by National Headquarters and with the sting of CYFS in the tail as well.