Property Council lashes Auckland City

The Property Council of New Zealand does not hold back in its lashing of Auckland City Council over it’s billboard witch-hunt.
[quote] What triggers a requirement for a local authority to consult with its ratepayers?

Do by-laws that will cost property owners $120 million in equity and lost revenue justify consultation? Do by-laws that effectively eliminate an entire industry and destroy 400 jobs justify consultation?

Does the implementation of a set of rules that breach the New Zealand Bill of Rights and the constitutional right to advertise justify consultation?

Apparently some people in Auckland City Council think not.[/quote]

And it all gets worse for the Council, with the Property Council believing that the dictatorial way the by-law is being rammed through is to date in contravention of sections 155, 156 and 157 of the Local Government Act. Ouch!

[quote]To clarify this point, any consultation process that does not enable a range of options and policy alternatives, and which involves a territorial authority that does not have an open mind as to the range of alternatives, could be construed to be contrary to the statutory requirements of the Local Government Act 2002.

Later this year the politicians will no doubt come knocking at the door seeking an audience, with a view to conveying warm soothing words about “partnerships ”, “relationships ” and a “constructive dialogue ”

By any reasonable measure, in relation to the proposed billboard and signage by-laws, Auckland City Council has failed to consult in good faith. A case of “do as I say, not as I fail to do ”.[/quote]

Expect a legal challenge to this silly by-law….oh and any lefty group, yes that means you Labour, that tries to buy billboard space for any message is going to find it almost impossible to book any site let alone one that will get seen.