Quote of the week

The Quote of the week come from Labour Lickspittle Tony Milne in his article tryng to accuse national of being Right Wing Religious Extremist. Clearly this is the latest talking point from the ninth floor.

However Tony utters this complete and utter bollocks in his tirade against Christians. He even titles the post "The Party of Principles"…..ready, set, buckets.?

[quote]Thankfully Labour is a party of principles, not polls, and will take the side of the most vulnerable over the likes of Family First any day of the week.[/quote]

I think he probably mis-spelt prinicples and actually meant prinicpals given the large number of teachers in their caucus, but if he didn't lets examine some of those principles shall we.

  • Stealing (elections, public money)
  • Forgery
  • Defecation in Public places
  • Bashing peaceful protestors
  • Lying
  • Bashing school kids
  • Perving on School girls
  • BDSM
  • Ministerial non-responsibility
  • Obfuscation

Gee quite some list of principles there, Tony. Boy am I glad I have a Labour government, NOT!!!!