Rating the Cabinet

The Herald has rated the Cabinet. Mostly falls in performance, some woeful, a couple of rises. Phil Goff and Annette King are the outstanding performers (leadership challenge anyone?), the rest…..well shall we say dog tucker. (my comments in brackets) Also note David Farrar's ratings , he is way morefairer than me.

Key ones to Note are;

HELEN CLARK 7 (7 a year ago) Prime Minister

As focused as ever, if not more so, in contrast with many of her ministers. But has made a couple of significant bad calls over political management of election spending and child-smacking issues. (You'd think with all the waxing lyrical that goes on from Jordan and Tony she would be a '10', but alas no, she is no Bo Derek)

MICHAEL CULLEN 6 (7) Finance / Tertiary

Still the flawed genius without whom Clark could not operate effectively but looking a bit tired on it lately.

JIM ANDERTON 6 (6) Agriculture / Forestry

Problems in fisheries and forestry. Time this old warhorse slowed down and looked to that grazing paddock beyond the Beehive.


Education His supreme self-confidence should have taken a battering over the 20-hour "free" childcare fiasco and the implementation of NCEA. But it hasn't because he has, well, supreme self-confidence.

ANNETTE KING 9 (7) Transport / Police

Increases her value to the Government with each passing crisis. Gets results. Capable manager behind the scenes and in front.

TREVOR MALLARD 4 (6) Economic Development / Sport

Where is the sales job on economic transformation? Wins points for audacious Auckland waterfront stadium, but loses more for insulting the most important electorate in the country for failing to agree with him. Valued inside the party but has lost some of his credibility. (Mallard needs a big cup of shut the fuck up.)

PETE HODGSON 4 (4) Health

People being bumped off waiting lists, Herceptin, the Medlab fiasco, strikes that threaten treatment – none may be exactly his fault but all have happened on his watch. So he gets a little less than the rating he himself gives the health system. (And he can't dance to save himself.)

MARK BURTON 2 (2) Justice / Treaty Negotiations

Clark must be pointing him in the direction of the exit sign next election. Not a single apparent success. Entire Justice portfolio under review. No momentum in Treaty Negotiations. No pay-off for the rates rebate pledge. (Mark who?)

DAMIEN O'CONNOR 2 (8) Corrections

Dear, oh dear. Such high hopes for this popular minister. Has suffered badly from his department's ineptitude but also highlighted some of his own management deficiencies. (Dead man walking.)

DAVID BENSON-POPE 4 (3) Social Development Wrong man for the job but then this portfolio is not as important to Labour as it was in its first two terms. Bring back Maharey. At least he was passionate about it. (The only thing Panty Slut-Boy is passionate about is copping a good flogging.)

NANAIA MAHUTA 5 (6) Customs / Youth Affairs

One law for all dogs should not be what this minister is best remembered for. She has talent, where is it? Use it, or lose it. (I vote lose it.)