Responsibility, where does the buck stop

Sheesh, even Matt McCarten has joined the bandwagon about accountability and boy is he pissed.
[quote]Isn’t this passing the buck over who stuffed up over murderer Graeme Burton an outrage?

It seems his crimes weren’t the fault of the prison in not informing the Parole Board it thought he was still an evil bugger and shouldn’t be released. It wasn’t the fault of the Probation Service that he wasn’t living or working where he should have been. It wasn’t the fault of the Parole Board, which released him on the unsuspecting public. And it wasn’t the fault of the police, who apparently couldn’t pick him up or interrupt the holidays of their surveillance staff.

And according to Burton, it’s not his fault, either. We can only conclude Karl Kuchenbecker’s death was an accident, or his own fault for riding a bike in the forest.

This is in addition to the killing last year of Liam Ashley, who was put in a cage with a psychopath who bludgeoned him to death. This apparently wasn’t the fault of the Mt Eden prison service, which claims no responsibility for sending Ashley off with his killer, or of Chubb Security, as it says it wasn’t told they shouldn’t be together. And apparently it wasn’t the fault of the killer, as he is purportedly criminally insane. Once again, it seems the fault must lie with the deceased for being there in the first place.[/quote]

in this I agree with Matt, there seems no longer to be any accountability and non more so than with the taudry socialist hacks that make up our government.