Sister City Opportunity

Dear Most Excellent Highness Your Worship Dick Hubbard
Request for Urgent Sister City Relationship                 
I am the group managing director of the Lagos City Council (LCC) in the Republic of Nigeria and I write on behalf of the Mayor of Lagos City Council, His Excellency Charles SOLUDO.
The members of our sister city relationship committee are interested in the exportation of goods into Auckland and the importation of the goods into Lagos, using the funds presently floating in the Central Bank of Nigeria/Lagos City Council foreign payments account.
Our request is anchored on our strong desire to establish a lasting business relationship with you and your city. We hence solicit your partnership to enable us transfer into your account the said funds. You have been recommended to us in confidence and we were assured of your ability and reliability to prosecute business transaction that require maximum confidentiality.
This fund is presently floating in the Central Bank of Nigeria/Lagos City Council foreign payments account with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). To this effect, the present Mayor and Council in Nigeria set up an adhoc committee to identify, scrutinize and recommend for payment all valid contracts that have been fully executed. In the course of our assignment, we have identified a lot of misappropriated and inflated funds which are presently floating in the suspense account of the Central Bank of Nigeria ready for payment. The companies who executed their contracts have been fully paid. It is now part of the over inflated sum of NZD$500,000,000 that we intend to transfer into the foreign account.
I have therefore been mandated as a matter of trust by the members of the committee to look for a foreign partner into whose account we could transfer the sum of NZD$500,000,000(Five Hundred million of your New Zealand dollars) only.
We have agreed to procure goods and services from your city to this value over the coming year, on the proviso that your council enters into a sister city relationship with Lagos, for the sum of $100,000 US Dollars.
Please note that this transaction is 100% safe and guaranteed since the law under which our committee was set up has empowered us to disburse all the funds found to be floating in the Central Bank of Nigeria redundant account from 1985 till date. We shall commence the transfer of the funds immediately we receive the following information by email:
(1) your company’s name and full address
(2) your banker’s name, address, telephone and fax numbers
(3) the account number and name of beneficiary.
The above information are to enable us put up letters of claim and job description to the respective ministries for the issuance of the mandatory fund release approval/recommendations. This way, your company will become recognised and accepted as the beneficiary of the contract entitlements before the final remittance to your nominated account by the Central Bank of Nigeria being the paying bank.
We are looking forward to doing this business with you and solicit your absolute confidentiality in this transaction. Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter using the above telefax numbers for more details regarding the transaction.
Yours faithfully, ALHAJI D. BAYERO
On behalf of Dr Charles Soludo
Mayor of Lagos
[email protected]
(please reply to this email account only)