Socialists know best, thinking of adopting Bradfords Bill

The Mad Socialists are planning on riding roughshod of the wishes of the public by adopting the Bradford Bill as a government bill thus giving it priority on the order paper.

85% of us don't want this bill and Cullen and Clark are saying they know best how to parent our children.

This is the irony of it all, Clark has no children herself, I don't know about Cullen, but also two of the government biggest lickspittles are fawningly supporting the bill providing links so they can astroturf MP's. These two lickspittles, Tony Milne and Herr Rottenf?hrer Jordan Carter are also childless, gay activists.

Tell me why the Labour Party pushers of this bill are mostly gay and childless? WTF would they know about parenting.

Say after me everyone, A G E N D A.?