The left in Auckland are worried, real worried

The leftist council in on its last legs in Auckland.

It must be so especially when Matt McCarten is worried. He is worried that the billboards issue and the travel rorts have damaged the leftist cause. The billboards issue in particular has him most worried.
[quote]The billboard owners will use their signs to run smear campaigns against opponents. If they are successful, those councillors will be dumped at the next election and the businesses will be saved. There are also thousands of business owners who have illegal signs plastered over their shops. You can count on them joining the campaign to save their businesses.

The councillors should have either left the issue of signs until after the election or made sure they got rid of them before October. The silly compromise by Caughey and Simpson has merely warned billboard owners they are coming after them after the next election. Stupidly, they have allowed the signs to be used against them, with the billboard owners having no choice but to take their political opponents out if they want to keep their business.

If you think political attacks by billboards aren’t effective, think of the series of Don Brash billboards at the last election. National jumped nearly 10 points after that campaign and came within a whisker of winning the general election. Given that most city councillors’ majorities are only a few hundred votes, you can see how such a campaign can easily re-shape the political landscape at the next local body election.[/quote]

Yeah Matt, be worried, real worried.