This guy is a bastard

This guy is Buck Stowers. He is my PT and he is an arsehole. Not only can I not walk properly after a leg session two days ago, but now my traps and arms are almost dead.

Two hours in the gym each day with guy is murder but hey it is a hell of a lotta fun at the time.

Seriously though, having a mate like Buck train you makes the hard stuff easier, and I can definately see the improvements.

You can join me at Genetics Gym each day for training if you wish. unfortunately no soft cock, pansy, socialist, chicken shits are allowed….oh all right you can come too, your money is as good as the next man's.

Genetics Gym is very popular amongst real sports people, every day you are liekly to see a Blues, or Chiefs player in there. There are three world champs who train there and a couple of heavyweight champs, one of whom I train with each day.

At the last National Body Building Champs Genetics pretty much cleaned up most categories.

Get along and join Genetics….

Now that is my shameless plug….that should pay for the PT sessions eh Buck?