Two buckets of Whitewash please

Well the two Burton inquiries are completed and weren’t they just a couple of buckets of whitewash and finger pointing.

The internal Corrections report said the provision of information by the department to the Parole Board before Burton’s release was generally adequate, but could be improved.

Improved, it couldn’t get any worse could it, oh wait Burton might have killed two people instead of one. Idiots!

The Parole Board report is more concerning.
[quote]The review, made public last night, says the decision to grant Burton’s parole application was "reasonable", once the board decided not to take into account unsubstantiated claims about his behaviour in prison. But the reviewers commented that it would have been prudent for the board to delay its decision till it had clarification about the allegations.[/quote]

Prudent!, Prudent indeed, the guy is a fricken thug who should never have been let out. Also th report blames the Police for not getting him back behind bars, yet if they hadn’t let the dick out in the first place that wouldn’t have been the issue.