Well done, Little Johnny, Have a ciggy….

Teachers at a school for little arseholes are resorting to bribing the same with cigarettes for good behaviour.

The ERO has slammed Felix Donnelly College;

The ERO report outlined:

  • Inconsistent teaching; poorly planned lessons;
  • Teachers' "questionable" understanding of how to assess NCEA;
  • The "unexamined value" of tenpin bowling trips and reading sessions;
  • Dilapidated, unattractive, unhygienic buildings;
  • The "rapid breakdown" of the relationship between Youth Horizons and Felix Donnelly;
  • No appraisal or performance management processes for teachers;
  • Inaccuracies in the quality assurance document sent to NZQA when the school was accredited to assess NCEA in 2005. Some parts were taken from other schools' documents, others were fabricated.

?The Principal of course won't comment.