What does Al Gore want?

What does he want?

Well according to Robert Tracinski , Al Gore has diagnosed modern man's desire for material prosperity as a dangerous neurosis and Global warming is just the scientific excuse for this quasi-religious agenda. Essentially Gore's solution to the "problem" is to curtail industrial civilization and get back to our pre-industrial "roots."?

[quote]So what does this mean? Listen to what Gore claims are the factors that require us to change our relationship with nature. From his House testimony:

We quadrupled human population in less than one century, from 1.6 billion in 1900 to 6.5 billion today?. Having multiplied by four the number of people on this planet?, that in itself causes a big change in the relationship between humanity and the planet.

So Gore's global warming hysteria is really just a rehash of the old "population explosion" scare. In the 1970s, environmentalists predicted that an expanding global population would lead, by the end of the century, to mass starvation and shortages of oil and other natural resources. This claim was famously proven wrong?so as a fallback, the environmentalists have to claim that "overpopulation" is leading to a warmer climate, a proposition that is slightly harder to disprove.

But it's not just the size of the human population Gore is worried about. He goes on to name a second factor that requires us to alter our relationship with the earth:

Our technologies are thousands of times more powerful than any our grandparents had at their disposal. And so even though we're more skillful and more effective in doing the things we've always done, exploiting the earth for sustenance, providing for our families, and going about productive lives, the side-effects of what we're doing sometimes now outstrip the development of extra wisdom to make sure that we handle these new powers in a way that doesn't do unintended harm.

So that very fact that we are "much more skillful and more effective" at "exploiting the earth" to live "productive lives"?in short, the fact of our enormous, unprecedented prosperity?is the reason we have to fear that we are doing "unintended harm."

This, then, is the essence of Gore's complaint: there are too many humans and they are too well off.[/quote]

His comments on Alarmists shutting down debate is accurate, so eerily accurate.

[quote]That's why folks like Al Gore have to keep claiming that there is an iron-clad "consensus" on global warming and that the debate is "over"?because the moment the debate on the scientific merits of global warming is actually allowed to begin, the alarmists start to lose.

Al Gore is trying to dragoon science in an attempt to win over converts who don't share his sense of personal spiritual crisis and don't find his anti-industrial moral vision compelling. But the moment people see through his charade?and realize that what Gore is really pushing is a not a scientific campaign against "pollution" but a quasi-religious crusade against industrial civilization?his campaign will collapse.[/quote]

Al Gore is a two bit charlatan peddling? a snake oil solution to a non-problem.