Williamson fights for his people

Local Pakuranga MP Maurice Williamson is fighting for his constituents by giving Mayor Hubbard right good shellacking in the Times today.

[quote] “DEAR Mayor Hubbard,
I am shocked at the reported cavalier attitude of Auckland City Council (ACC) and its councillors to the problem they have created at the Panmure roundabout.  This is causing absolute havoc for residents in my electorate.

As I write this letter (9.32am) in my office (120 Pakuranga Road) there is still three full lanes of traffic backed up as far as I can see along the Pakuranga hill and past St Kentigern College.

In Monday’s H&P Times ACC transport committee chairman Richard Simpson is quoted as stating: While the council acknowledges the backlog, safety is its primary concern.”

The Times  goes on to say “Auckland City Council’s road safety manager, Karen Hay, says traffic engineers have been onsite every morning since changes were made, conducting numerous travel surveys on different routes.  “We can give you an assurance we are very closely monitoring the situation,” she said.

Ms Hay is further quoted as saying, “While there are options on the table to address the situation, those won’t be disclosed or fully considered for the next month.”

These comments, if correct, are arrogant and lacking in consideration for the motorists being put through this ordeal on a daily basis.  I do wonder whether it is because they are voters in Manukau City that they don’t count as far as ACC is concerned.

The problem has occurred as a direct result of changes made by ACC.  Your council should have been able to fully assess the impact of these changes (computer modelling etc.) long before they were implemented.

 It is of no comfort to my constituents to know that ACC’s engineers are there every morning “watching”.  What my constituents want and need is for the problem to be fixed.

At the very least, an interim measure would be to go back to the original situation prior to these daft changes being made and then start again, from scratch and with proper forward planning.

This unbelievable disaster lends even greater weight to the National Party’s policy of moving responsibility for all Land Transport in the Greater Auckland area under the banner of one agency called Transport Auckland.

Such a body would stop the ridiculous cross boundary internecine wars between bureaucrats that achieve nothing but utter frustration for our motorists.

I am faxing and emailing this letter to you requesting that you reply to me today with your assurance that you will act to resolve the situation now and not at some arbitrary time in the future.”

Hon Maurice Williamson, MP for Pakuranga