YouTube and Politics

I have always said that blogs and specifically YouTube coupled with what I prefer to call "Citizen Journalists" will be a force to be reckoned with come the next election. new Zealand always lags behind other countries in electoral campaigning innovation, perhaps the one example where we led recently was National Billboards at the last election.

Any Party that stupidly clings to mainstream media from now on for pushing its message will simply be wiped off of the map.

And it is not just parties where there will be trouble. In the US more and more anonymous attack ads are being created by essentially hacked off technically savvy people who for next to nothing can challenge big spending organisations and political parties.

Guerrilla marketing strategies and word of mouth spread the message far faster than a few ads costing millions narrow-cast into lounges at news times.

In our house we hardly watch the news, TV is mainly for sports or movies. I get my news from the net in far more instantaneous and relevant formats than by reading papers and watch the idiot box.

Here is a case in point on the power of Youtube and and in effectiveness of combating such ads.