And here was me thinking it was tax credits.

At last the government has recognised that Working fo Families is nothing more than welfare dressed up and sold as "tax credits".

They are busily slagging off National for their proposal to unwind Working for Families and replace it with Tax cuts.

Helen Clark has finally also acknowledged that Tax Cuts are badly needed.

[quote]"I think that's terrible for families, because as we know Working for Families extends to about 70 per cent of families with children. That tax cut for them is very badly needed."[/quote]

So the government can't even get its own story straight. Firstly they pitched Working for Families as Tax Credits, now it is welfare. Tax cuts are evil and the proponents of them should be "quietly drowned", now Clark says a tax cut os "badly needed".

They are indeed clutching at straws as the Key juggernaut marches on over the remnants of Labour.