Chris Trotter – Waaa, Waaaa Waaaa!!!!

Chris Trotter is really doing himself a great dis-service by continuing to be an apologist for the theft of Labour.

Today is no exception with his piece in the SST (they really should rename that paper the Sunday Socialist Times).

He has continued his scurrilous attack on Kevin Brady the Audtor-General, basically accusing him of deliberately skewing the results of an election we haven't had yet, despite the fact that labour and it's hangers on deliberately and calulatingly flouted laws that they were clearly warned against doing so before the last election. Somhow now it is all Kevin Brady's fault for the parlous state that Labour now finds itself in.

Somehow the "evil" Natioanl Party is just that evil for having the foresight to raise funds for two elections not one. They are pillloried for having having better political strategists.

Strangely he alludes to the "Pay It Back!" campaign as being orchestrated by the Australians. Well I can assure you, as a bona fide member of the VRWC that we organised our little video and subsequent attacks all by our selves thank you very much.?

It's time, ladies and gentlemen, time to put this taudry, pathetic pack of thieves out of their misery. Enough is enough. We have had it with leftist, marxist toadies like Chris Trotter making excuses for the legal failings of this government. The gloves are well and truly off.?