I have just been to Christchurch today, hence the light blogging.

It was a beautiful day down there and after I had set up dear BIL's wireless LAN I took the boy up the gondola for lunch.

That was when I met the first and only arsehole of the day. Whe we were asked where we were from and before I could divert the boy from answering he said Auckland. Well you could have seen the arseholes face drop, he then launched into an all out attack about how bad and evil Aucklanders were, he then said Aucklanders had to pay double.

I said to him, "Whatever, if it makes your pathetic, miserable life better by charging me double, go right ahead, Dick!!!"?

Anyway after that we had an enjoyable lunch up the top. And then headed down and back to the airport. The navman took me on a delightful tiki tour around all the (cough, cough) traffic. We dropped off the rental car and headed to the airport.

The Airlink Car rental guys run an excellant service, you arrive, call them and they pick you up, you then sign all the paper work and when finished, drop the car back to base and they drop you back at the airport. Really nice guys and they made up for the Dick at the Gondola.?

All in all a beautiful day in Christchurch.?