Clark confirms funding bill an attack on Freedom of Specch

Ok, well not exactly, but in her attack on the Brethren yesterday she basically alluded to that.

[quote]Prime Minister Helen Clark is understood to be pleased the group has become more vocal, seeing its comments ? including telling The Press it may set up an independent political wing ? as boosting the case for campaign funding reforms.[/quote]

You see, you don't need to draw any sort of bow, let alone a long one to see right through Clark's musings. Labour are pissed that there are people out there that don't like them, and that those people have large sums of their own money to say exactly ehat they don't like about Labour. That situation must not be tolerated, it must be shut down and that is why all the lickspittles are busily frothing at the mouth and calling this blatant attack on free speech the weasal title "Democracy Funding".

Their bill must be fought with all vigor.