Clint, take a bow

Clint Heine has a brilliant post, so brilliant here it is complete.


Pete Hodgson (20 June 2006) "… a very strange group of white men who don't even vote, who put a million dollars on the table to help the National Party…that is a very strange group of people"

Panty-Slut Boy (22 Nov 2005) " …they (National) tried to buy the election with its tax cuts and its underhand campaigns, financed by strange sects and shady deals with industry in return for favours that the voters were never supposed to know about"

Helen Clark (29 August 2006) "..I know what a cover-up looks like when Dr Brash commissions support from the Exclusive Bretheren and then will not tell the truth about it"

And now we get revelations that Hodgson and Panty-Slut Boy had official meetings with the EBs in the lead up to the 2005 election. Even Clark did, but it was "informal" so it doesn't count (apparently)

What is the football term for turning around 180 degrees, and kicking the circular, leather-encased pigs bladder past your team mate with the gloves on, and into the back of the net. What is that called ?

The Labour Party is degenerate, run by creatures like Clark & Hodgson; the truth is coming out, and I'm fucking liking it.