Electoral law reform lacks credibility

Audrey Young joins in with Fran O'Sullivan in decrying Labour's affront to democracy with it so called Electoral Reform.

[quote]The one thing that can be said of Labour's handling of the sensitive issues of election spending and election funding is that it has been consistent – consistently poor.

When the Government decided to review the election financing law last year, it failed to recognise how badly it – and Parliament as a whole – had been tainted by the resistance it showed to the Auditor General's finding of unlawful parliamentary spending in the 2005 election.

It treated him, its own watchdog, with contempt. That heightened the natural suspicion that abounds when politicians are let loose on their own spending rules.

That suspicion and vitriol that ensued from the Auditor General's report last year was no base from which to launch a new review of electoral law.[/quote]

It seems every time Helen Clark jaunts off overseas, increasing her carbon footprint in the process, something big blows up right in the governments face, they then make a complete hash of dealing with it until Clark returns and gets stuck in. That gives the impression that Labour is in fact a hollow structure built almost entirely around helen Clark and when she is off her game then so is Labour.