Government wastes money advertising 20Free

The Government has spent $267,771 on advertising the failing policy 20Free.

Not so bad I hear you say, they have to get the message out there.

Given that decisions about child care invariably fall on the mother the Opposition questions whether advertising during SmackDown!, RAW, Extreme Championship Wrestling, the All Whites versus Costa Rica, the Salford versus Wigan replay, beach volleyball, and David Lynch?s Blue Velvet.

[quote]Katherine Rich: When academic research confirms that mums are the key influencers in decisions about children's participation in early childhood education, why have 20 free hours commercials been shown during hard-core wrestling shows like RAW, SmackDown!, and Extreme Championship Wrestling, which are shows that are largely watched by young men?
Hon STEVE MAHAREY: As my World Wrestling Federation fan friend over here, the Minister of Finance, points out, shows like that have a very broad audience.[/quote]

Another yeah right moment from the Minister of Smarm.