Hey Roger Boyce, Shut the fuck up

Roger Boyce in Mt Pleasant has written a letter to the editor of the Press slagging off one of my commenters and my blog.

Here is what the dickhead had to say.

[quote]Andy Moore, the public spirited youth who reportedly recruited radio personality and professed Christian, Simon Barnett to be a keynote speaker of a Cathedral Square protest against the repeal of section 59 of the Crimes Act, is the author of a contribution to the neo-conservative blog Whaleoil.co.nz.

The site is primarily devoted to trash-talking Labour and cheer-leading National. Along with championing our traditional right to hit children, the site also archives photos of traditional events such as Boobs on Bike, and has a top-of-thepage link to T-shirt images and text that promote binge drinking, illicit drug use, anti-Christian sentiment, and the murder of Arabs.

I congratulate Mr Moore for exercising on the blog and in street protests his civil liberty of free speech, all the while working hard to deny youngsters the right to be free from physical handling which, if exercised against an adult, would be illegal.

Roger Boyce,

Mount Pleasant[/quote]

Well Mistaaah Boyce, I am a Libertarian/Christian. That means that although I believe in salvation I also believe in freedom. Clearly you are some sort of academic Labour lickspittle, who has taken Dear Leader's lead in insulting conservatives and Christians in the same breath. What sort of person responds to a blog by writing a letter to the editor of a piss ant rural newspaper? A fuckpig is what. Go back to your closetted academic waste of oxygen achieve nothing loser life. Having a BFA and a MFA qualifys you for absolutely nothing. What the fuck is a BFA and MFA anyway? Bachelor of Fuck All and a Master of Fuck All is what that is.