Hey you, Chinese Consul, Fuck off

The Chinese just can't help themselves. They have put the pressure onto George Wood, Mayor of North Shore to not attend a concert.

And the no-dick caved.

Wood was invited to a show by Divine Performing Arts at Auckland's Civic Theatre tomorrow night, which is billed as displaying the cultures of ancient China.

He has since withdrawn his acceptance after receiving a call from New Zealand's Chinese Consulate warning him not to go. He says the consulate told him Falun Gong were involved in the production.

So fucking what.

He should have calmly and politely told the Chinese consul to Fuck Right Off, that unlike China we live in a democracy. Further because we live in a democracy we can pretty much do what we damn well like. For example, because I live in a democracy I can tell you to fuck off, and post the image to the right.

Now if that doesn't get my site banned in China, I don't know what else I can do.