IRD has lost over 100 laptops

Unbelievable but true, the IRD has managed to lose over 100 laptops.

They have no idea where they may be but oh not to worry, she'll be right, Revenue Minister Peter Dunne is playing it down the problem, despite the fact that no-one knows where they have gone.

Gerry gives him a slappin'

[quote]"If you were to go to the IRD and say 'look I'm sorry I've misplaced $200,000 somewhere in my cash flow but don't worry about it, it's perfectly normal', I don't think they'd take a very generous attitude toward you, and I don't think we should be letting them off the hook for this either," [/quote]

Dunnes bullshit excuse is "The serial number on the computer might have slipped off the back, you know the sticky bit might have just come off,"

What complete tosh.

Still we'll all be ok because….here is the real joke….it is "highly unlikely" there are thieves on the insode because the IRD runs a "very secure operation". Hmmmmm-kay then where are the fricken laptops if you run such a secure operation dipshit!!!!