Jordan sooks it up

Mad lickspittle Herr Rottenfuhrer Jordan Carter has sooked it up over at his blog …hmmm, can we call it that now he has disabled comments….nah, more like Jordan's Party Political Broadcast System.

Anyway, he couldn't take the heat and so has disabled comments except on those posts that he deems worthy of comment. The posts that he enables comment on will more than likely be banal posts on nothing that could possibly be turned against the government.

So afraid of negative comments he has now taken to also deleting comments if he deems them to be off topic.

What a big sooky la-la, pouting like a spurned queen. Cry me a river.

I wonder how long before Labour pushes for a law to stop bloggers…can't be far off now…oh and they will probably be opening up the Bloggers Wing at some prison somewhere.

Maybe someone out there in the VRWC will provide a comments facility for Jordan by taking his posts by RSS and reposting them with comments enabled…can't be that hard to do. Hell we could call it "Comments on Just Left".