Labour backs another dead horse

It is clear from the latest One News poll that Labour's previous excellent skill at picking of horses to ride has deserted it.

The latest Dead Horse the Labour punters have backed was the Funding of political Parties from the public purse.

Of those surveyed 70% of people do not believe taxpayers' money should be used to help fund election campaigns. But more than 80% believe parties should have to declare where their campaign funding comes from. Just 16% believe otherwise.

That is fine by me.

Of course Labour will just plough ion regardless doing the typical socialist thing of telling all and sundry that they know best.?

There is of course more bad nes in their attempt to restrict freedom of speech with their funding plans.

Of those surveyed 39% say those rules for third party advertising should be stricter, 15% believe the rules are fine as they are and 46% believe groups outside parliament should be able to advertise their political views any way they like.

Ahh the good old New Zealand public huh!! Who would've thought they can see a rort? Labour certainly didn't. They have a bad case of Third Termitis and I'm afraid that it appears terminal.

I mean after backing the anti-smacking bill when 85% of Kiwis oppose it, then trying to rort some funding when 70% oppose that as well just shows how out of touch they have become.