Labour Lickspittle standing for council

I see Tony Milne is running for Council in Christchurch.?

Check out his campaign website:

Bully for him, but check out the language and pearlers on his website:

"About Tony Milne… – From a very young age I knew that life had something different in store for me"

"At 11 the Rotary Club honoured me with an award for service and leadership. At 12 I was elected Vice President of School Council. At 16 and 17 I was awarded as the best all-round (Cultural, Sporting, Academic) student."

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME, I don't think a single voter in Christchurch could care less that Tony Milne got himself elected Veep at his School at age 12.

"I want to bring power back to the people and away from the politics-as-usual bunch" (says a Labour hack who stood at the tender age of 21)

His whole blog is well worthy of a fisking…

Oh, and I love the fact that he has a donations-meter on the first page (only 5% so far!)

One thing missing from his site – not a single campaign promise on any concrete issue, like rates, private property rights, infrastructure or council services.

No mention of his team either – the website is all about Tony, but nary a skerrick of info about who the other person on the Chch2021 ticket is in Riccarton/Wigram.

His blog carries fawning adoration of a woman whose clothes could house whole african villages, and someone whose achievements are lightweight to say the least.

Tony is nothing but a Labour Lickspittle who does exactly what Helen demands.