Labour's Grubby Spending Ploy

Fran O'Sullivan pulls no punches in her column this morning. Entitled "Labour's Grubby Spending Ploy" she climbs right into the thieves completely obliterating the spin emanating from the 9th floor and the lickspittles of the blogosphere.

[quote]Voters beware! Helen Clark's Labour, the party that filched $800,000 of taxpayers' money to pay for its 2005 election campaign, is trying to orchestrate a state-funded bailout using your money.

That's the only possible conclusion a right-thinking person could draw from the contemptible abuse of process the ruling party is demonstrating with its behind-the-scenes machinations to get state funding for political parties in place for next year's election.

Voters don't need to wait until next year's election to deliver a "no way" statement to our out-of-touch Government. Get on the blower to talkback radio, write to your MP and kick up an almighty fuss so this country doesn't go further down the path of Mugabeism.[/quote]

I agree with her final statement, "The party that flouts the rules should not be the one to determine the next game.", I agree 100%. Labour should withdraw this grubby law fast or face an increasingly abusive electorate.