Mayors of Auckland quaking in their boots

Labour has handed the Auckland Mayors a hand grenade and they removed the pin first.

Their proposal to fund transport infrastructure by whacking us with increased taxes on petrol has tentatively gained their approval but with a big catch…"please, please Miss Clark don't make it high or we face elcetoral oblivion"

This proposal should be roundly criticised as nothing more than a tax on productivity. Aucklanders will be the only people in the country taxed simply because they live and work in some arbitrarily drawn boundary. It attacks Auckland businesses and benefits the rest of the country.

Wellington for example has had their public transport system public funded and built out of the public purse, like forever. Will the government retrospectively apply this tax to Wellington?…..nah didn't think so.

Labour has essentially lost the election with this mad pandering to the Greens.