Rich getting richer, poor getting the picture

The Herald reports that the rich are getting richer , which kinda isn't that surprising. The poor are getting the picture.

Sucks to be poor, but if you took the socialist extreme and took all of the money the rich have and gave it all to the poor would the rich now be poor, or would it just be temporary situation.

I pick temporary, and within a short space of time it would all be back where it belonged before it was stolen appropriated "re-distributed".?

A new survey by Statistics NZ shows that the distribution of wealth has become even more unequal in 2003-04 than in the previous survey in 2001, when the richest 10 per cent owned only 48 per cent of the country's total wealth. They now own 52 per cent.

The richest half of the country owned 93 per cent of the wealth in 2001, and now owns 95 per cent. So the share of the poorest half has dropped from 7 per cent to 5 per cent.