Slip, Sliding away

Two opinion pieces in the Herald highlight the complete ineptitude and the complete failing of the government on economic issues.

Brian Gaynor in "The Rise and Fall of Kiwi Productivity" has some very intersting things to say about Kiwi's priorities.

[quote]The Black Caps finished in the top four at the Cricket World Cup, the captain resigned and there were calls for other heads to roll. Meanwhile, the economy slipped closer to the bottom quarter of the OECD ladder yet there has hardly been a murmur on the issue.[/quote]

Yeah, exactly, heads should roll. Helen's and Cullen's for a start. What happened to the goal of being in the "Top Half" of the OECD. It seems now the goal is to be in the top half of the bottom half.

Fran O'Sullivan also kicks the government on it flea bitten arse. Fran wonders if Export Year 2007 actually mean Export of Jobs year. The main problem is The Reserve bank's blunt stick approach to inflation.

[quote]But Bollard's attempt to bring inflation to heel by raising interest rates has the unfortunate effect of dragging in more offshore speculators to invest in our currency, thus pushing its value up further and under-cutting exporters' profits. A vicious circle.[/quote]

Unfortunately when the government's basket of goods includes items such as house mortgages and petrol and not one iota of government spending inflation will always be inaccurately measured.