Smacking is all the fault of Colonisation and Christians

Just when you think the Maori party has kept on taking their sensible pills they then open their yaps and prove without a doubt that in fact they are still stuck on stupid.

Tariana Turia has blamed smacking on the effects of colonisation and christianity . Apparently Maori just hugged their kids and only learned to bash them to within an inch of their lives from colonising christians.

It is this sort of histroy revision that relly makes my blood boil. It ranks up there with Maori are natural conservationists, except we have to ignore what happened to the Moa amongst other fauna…..and that Maori are living in a modern world, except of course when the opportunity to extort some money comes along and all of a sudden the stone age comes roaring back into vogue with taniwha appearing in all sorts of opportune places…..Maori were peace loving…..oh yeah, then how come they lived in fortified pa and made edged weapons…..spare me this revisionist claptrap.

Take responsibility for your own pitiful fucking lives and get a decent grip on reality. It is no-ones fault but your own.